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About Success Lockdown LLC

A family-owned business founded by Dr. Tori Brown, her mother, ​Juanita Brown, Brother Marc Brown and her late sister, Kimberly ​Williams. We empower individuals and communities through ​strategic real estate investment, development, financial services, ​and educational resources. We specialize in real estate ​investment acquisition and development, consulting on new ​construction projects, providing financing and refinancing ​options, and buying and wholesaling investment properties.

Each client’s needs are unique, and we offer tailored solutions, ​especially for those facing challenging situations like foreclosures ​or urgent sales. In addition to our real estate services, we publish ​educational resources and books authored by Dr. Tori Brown. ​These materials provide valuable education to support clients ​throughout their real estate journey, ensuring they achieve long-​term financial growth. With our personal touch and dedication to ​community, Success Lockdown Group LLC supports your journey ​to financial empowerment.

Products and Services Offered

Consult on projects for new construction

On​line service to increase your net worth

In​novating tech that change lives

Financing For Property

Need financing to buy property

In​crease access to housing & ownership

Sell Your Land or Pr​operty

Ge​t cash offers for your real estate

Resource for breaking the fear of credit​

Do​ it yourself credit consulting services

Dr. Tori Brown - Workshops

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Learn how to structure a real estate ​business that the entire family can benefit ​from. Do the work and participate in a ​multi-million dollar industry by building in ​your community.

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Testimonials and Reviews

from thousands of clients

I moved to Hawaii as a real estate investor ​and needed extra capital to expand my ​portfolio and found it difficult to refi my ​property because it was in a lava zone. ​They were able to get the deal done and ​help me purchase additional property. I ​am so thankful for the support to grow my ​re​al estate business.

- Christine R.

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I was living on section 8 and wanted to ​one day begin my journey of becoming a ​real estate investor and worked with them ​to improve my credit and help me ​become the owner of the property I once ​was a tenant of. I then went on and sold ​that property and made a profit that I ​used a​s a down payment on a new home.

- Carmen A.

Cl​ient Testimonials

Tim - Real Estate Investor

Tiffany - Investor Educator

Tim - Investor Film Maker

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